Welcome to Blackjack Gordon Setters

We are family-run and located in Cannon Falls, MN.

We are lifetime pheasant hunters, and only in the past few years have we started competing in hunt tests, conformation and walking and horseback field trials. So far, we have four dogs with hunt titles, three conformation champions, and two dogs with their major and within reach of a Field Championship. 

Our breeding program is small. We try to have one to two litters a year. The majority of our puppy owners are people who enjoy hunting, but want a dog as a pet, too. Our dogs are great with kids!

Lucy, a field bred Gordon Setter, had a litter of five on New Year's Day 2021. All puppies are spoken for.


 Vegas, a dual purpose Gordon Setter, will be bred as soon as she comes into season - likely April to May timeframe. There's a 63 day gestation and then we keep the puppies eight weeks. So, puppies would be available to homes this Fall.

Joe and Sandy

2021 Black Jack Gordon Setters

Blackjack Skye's The Limit (Skye)

Skye is just a few months old here, hanging out with our granddaughter.